The procedure toward utilizing a PC program for transmitting tax return data electronically to another program is called e-filing. This permits the client to finish and present the data in an auspicious manner. The electronic documenting framework keeps the client from committing small errors by warning them if something does not tally correctly. Large areas of the federal and the state revenue offices offer citizens the capability to file yearly through e-filing. In this manner, everything will be faster, have fewer errors and be far more convenient. E-filing your tax refunds is now easy and fast.

Below are few steps to file your tax returns online:

STEP 1. Enlist yourself

To make an e-filing of your income tax refund form, you will have to enlist on the Income Tax Department’s online for tax filing websites like You need to give your perpetual record number (PAN), name and date of birth and pick a secret word. Your PAN will be your client ID.

STEP 2. Select how you need to fill out the e-document

There are two methods for e-filing your tax returns forms. One is to go to the download area and select the essential form, then save it to your desktop and then fill every information offline and afterward transfer it back to the website. On the other hand, you can fill the frame online by selecting the speedy e-document alternative.

STEP 3. Select a requisite form.

ITR-1: For people gaining a compensation, annuity, or pay from property or sources other than from lottery. For more detailed information, visit this website.

ITR-2: For those gaining its capital. ITR 2A are for those individual owning more than one house yet no capital increases.
ITR 3, 4 and so with 4S: For Professionals and the entrepreneurs.

STEP 4. Keep the reports prepared

Keep your PAN, interest statements, Form 16, TDS testaments, data of investments, home and insurance loans handy. Download your Form 26AS that summarizes tax being paid against the PAN. You can even validate your tax refund form with a Form 26AS just to check your tax responsibility.

E-File Your Tax Return

STEP 5. Fill in the form and transfer it through uploading the form to the system.

If you prefer to fill in the forms offline with all your important details, after you have downloaded it, click on the “generate XML’ dialogue box. Afterwards, proceed to the website again then click the upload XML box. You will then log in just to upload on the XML file. Have it saved on your desktop and then click the submit button.

STEP 6. Check ITR V

On presenting your ITR form, an affirmation number is produced. If in the case that the tax return that had been submitted utilizing a digital signature, remember to preserve your number. But if the tax return is being submitted without having a digital signature, the ITR –V is then generated and will then be sent towards your email that had been being registered.

You can widely search more sites to look for an e-filing of documents like at