Using the money of your tax refunds always leaves the taxpayers full of doubts and insecurities, after all, are many data and documents. However, after fulfilling the obligation, the second problem arises: to understand how restitution of the Income Tax works, who is entitled to receive or how to proceed with the money.

The procedure is very simple, but you must be careful, to avoid damages or fail to observe deadlines so you don’t miss getting paid your tax refunds. In today’s post we will talk about it so that you understand once and for all.

What is the restitution of the Income Tax

Every month companies collect the income tax of their employees at the source, that is, the amount is already discounted in the slip. When the amount collected, at the end of twelve months, is greater than the amount due, that taxpayer will be entitled to the refund. Likewise, deductible expenditures such as those with health, pharmacy, education, etc. contribute to increase the value of the refund. If this is the case, all expenses must be reported at the time of the declaration. This means that it is not an advantage or a benefit, but a right. If you still have doubts talk to

How to find out if you have the right

This is simple! At the time of making the declaration it is necessary to fill in all the data available in the annual income report provided by the company you work, including all your expenses, number of dependents etc. Once this is done, the program will do the calculation automatically. Then you just have to choose the simplified or complete statement, considering what is most beneficial for your case. If you notice any error, rectify the information and then set the option of the tax return. Read more.

How to receive the amount

When making the tax return declaration, if it is found that you have something to pay back, you will need to inform a bank account for the deposit to be made. Check the data on your card so you do not make a mistake. You will only receive the amount in one bank account that is yours (you have to prove it in most cases). After you receive the cash you can use it however you would like: you can spend it, you can transfer it to someone else, you can invest it in different types of bank products, you can also split it into two different accounts, and so on.

The bottom line

Getting your tax return can be easy when you have the professional help of If you still have any doubts make sure you talk to professionals on the field. As soon as you get the money in your account you are free to do whatever you prefer with it. Do not waste any more time, make sure you do everything correctly to get your cash back as soon as you possibly can.