Applying self-assessment income tax is for all self-employed individuals such as those with small businesses and those people with professions or vocations, as well as farmers. It is also intended for those persons who receives income from an any sources to which most of the its tax cannot be able to be collected through PAYE system like those profits coming from rent, income investment, a foreign income and pensions, payments from maintenance that are made for those that are separated and/or a partner that is going through solvency, other fees and income which are not subject for PAYE system, and share incentive/share options’ profits.

How can someone register for self-assessment?

You should remind your local IRS office when there will a source of income aside from those PAYE income for proper commences. And to go about this, you have to make sure that you have completed the TRI form to for all of the sole traders, and the Trust and its Partnerships. The form TRI is intended for all individual, Partnerships, Sole traders, Trusts and those with unincorporated Bodies which require them to register for an Income tax return, an employer’s/PRSI/PAYE/USC, Value Added tax, and for related contracts Tax.
The most efficient and effective move to deal your tax returns’ affairs is by ROS or the Revenue Online

Services that are available at Through accessing the ROS, you can easily get acquainted with to its features and be registered being one of the ROS customer which may be able you on filing your tax refunds and do your payments electronically.
What kind of tax number will I be using for a self-assessment tax return?

In filing your self-assessment tax returns, you must have to use the PPS number or the Personal Public Services when completing the tax registration form. In the case that you do not have any PPS number, have time to contact you’re the local Department on Social Protection personnel who then made an advice about the procedures on how you can get your PPS number. The Leaflet SW100’ on Personal Public Services Number’ being issued from the DSP can possibly provide you with lots of details as to how you can obtain with your PPS number. This leaflet is available from any local offices of the Department of Social Protection and also from sites.

Remember that the PPS number you are obtaining is very important that is why you have to keep for a certain permanent record of your PPS number and quote your number when you will be contacting your Revenue department office as always.

The File and Pay System

Tax Return

This File and Pay System are intended to provides you the facility about the single due process date which is on October, to make you pay on your Preliminary tax for the present years, to make you file on your tax refund and also your self-assessment forms for the next succeeding tax year, and lastly, to pay possible balance of your tax dues from the past year. The term specified refund date, is also known before as your due date of 31st of October. Checkout latest information at

Submitting your tax returns and making the payments through 31st October.
All of your payments must be identified on a separate manner and been aggregated towards single personalized salary slips and also your tax return and your payment must be file on either form online and or through posting in the Revenue Department office, and must arrived during or before the 31st of October.